Sunday, September 24

Men’s Gymnastics Training Montage 2017

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Training Montage 2017 is a compilation of training videos throughout the year, from the top Indian male gymnasts across the country. We have put together as many skills videos as we could find. We are excited for many more new and exciting skills from all the gymnasts across the country in the upcoming year!

Here are the names of gymnasts that that we have featured in this video. They comprise Junior and senior level gymnasts. They are:
Arik dey, Abhijeet Kumar, Abhilash Yadav, Abhilekh Parashar, Aditya Rana, Akash, Anas Ali Shekh, Anas Khan, Mohd Aqib, Ashish Kumar, Bhaskar Das, Yogeshwer Singh, Subhanker Roy, Utkarsh Morankar, Gaurav Kumar, Hitesh, Vijay Ingle, Kapil Rajput, Manpreet Bhardwaj, Nikhil Bhatt, Poonam, Rakesh Kumar Patra, Saif Tamboli, Shinoj Muliyil, Shreyas Chaudhari, Pratip Das, Tapeswar.

Music : Journeyman by Akash Gandhi ( )

Edited by : Kushan Agarwal (

Special Thanks to Aditi Gandhi

Note : We do not own any of the video clips in this montage. All rights go to their respective owners.