Tuesday, May 17

Making Dreams Alive | S01E10 | Beginning of a Dream III

Elite gymnasts training at The Gymnast talk about their journey through gymnastics, how they began the sport, started training at The Gymnast and what gymnastics means to them.

Meet The Gymnast seniors, International gymnast Anushka Pawar and National level gymnasts, Bhavana Kadam and Mrunmayee Joshi talk about their gymnastics experinces.

About ‘The Gymnast’
The Gymnast is an academy where the goal is to provide a safe, positive and fun experience for all from toddlers to ‘veteran’ gymnasts.The coaching is led by Harish Parab (Shiv Chhatrapati award winner for best coach 2013-14), High Performance Coach with 20+ experience of coaching in Gymnastics and Mallakhamb. He is ably assisted by a large team of coaches. For more goto thegymnast.in

Indian Gymnastics Production
Association with The Gymnast (theGymnast.in) and Prabhodhankar Thackeray Krida Sankul (ptks.in)

Created by
Kushan (Kushanfilms.com)

Music from
YouTube Audio Library

Harish Parab, Pradeep Pawar, Videsh Dabade, Manish Shinde , Swapna Parab, Kalpesh Jadhav, Balwant Potekar, Bhaskar Naidu, Nisha Maluste

Vandita Raval, Aditi Gandhi, Dwija Asher, Urvi Abhyankar, Anushree Vedpathak, Shravani Vaidya, Mrunmayee Joshi, Anushka Pawar, Aditi Marathe, Bhavana Kadam, Eshitaa Rewale, Juilee Prabhu, Diya Chopra

Thanks to
Dr. Ramesh Prabhoo, Arvind Prabhoo, Dr. Mohan Rane and Raju Rawal

Filmed at
Prabhodhankar Thackeray Krida Sankul and Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex

Rakesh Nigudkar, Prasad Chendwankar, Santosh Gupta, Rohit Sathu, Deep Upadhyay

Dr. Tapan Ashar, Dr. Vaibhav patil, Dr. Sandeep Gaikwad and Dr. Ajay Kharat

Dr. Chaitanya Bhade and Dr. Krushmi Cheda

Amruta Karkhanis

Akshata Shete

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